Home is 7 Bright Street, Liverpool, L6 1DL where we run The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home. Lena booked a flight to Chicago for us back in February with a 3 week road trip in mind. Gary thought it might be fun to do a blog.

21 July

When does a journey really start?

Sid wants to know how long the plane ride will be, Gabriel wants to know if there’s films to watch on the plane, Neal wants to know if he can get away with not doing his homework on the plane, Lena wants to know what kind of food we’ll get on the plane and Gary wants to know if he can drink some wine on the plane but be fully sober for driving the car from the airport to the hotel. With those kind of questions you know the journey has already begun.

First Chicago, finally New Orleans.

We’re not sure of much in-between except that we are probably in the belly of the beast or the saturated fatty heart of the empire.

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